Thursday, May 7, 2009

Check one off the list

So... in the way-back-time, before Yale, before Chanticleer, back when I was trying to decide if I had a future as a singer at all (and I was making most of my money wearing a hawaiian shirt and playing steel drum in central Ohio), I would make study CDs of my favorite singers (I had a super fancy 2x SCSI external CD burner).  When I was learning Cacinni lute songs, the singer I studied was Julianne Baird.  In 1999/2000, her recording of the Cacinni's song Dolcissimo Sospriro was the the template for both my pre-audition recording and subsequent successful audition performance of that piece for Chanticleer.

And now I'm singing the alto solos to her second soprano solos on a Bach B-minor Mass in Philadelphia.  

Ain't life grand and full of fun connections?  They say that the music world keeps getting smaller; the trick is to stay in the music world.


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